LMHC #8023, MFT, RYT 

There is something very powerful about facing challenges in a group setting.  My groups are focused on mutual respect, safety, personal growth, and learning how to see different perspectives to improve interpersonal relationships as well as communication skills.

My role in group counseling is to mediate and monitor group members to engage in open dialogues about thoughts and feelings surrounding issues of Anxiety, Depression and Relationships in a safe environment.

Each member brings something unique to the table.  Groups are formed once 6 or more individuals have interest in meeting in a group setting.

group counseling

For those of you that prefer to tackle things on in group settings, my purpose is to bring people together to heal and have fun, share stories and gain strength from each other.  I take a back seat by encouraging others to have a voice, but also provide a safe space for those that prefer to listen.  


"I felt alone until I met with my Adult Anxiety group and realized that others also struggle with the same issue and I didn't feel as alone.  My anxiety was debilitating until I worked through it with others.  It was powerful."

      -- Molly P.

"I cherished my Saturday morning Depression Group! There was so much to look forward to to meet with others that became my friends and my spirit felt lighter, life felt more manageable and I could face challenges head on."

     -- Terrence G.

"I felt so alone going through the end of my marriage. I never thought I'd meet a group of people going through the same thing I was faced with. I felt like being divorced was a huge scarlet letter until I met with others who seemed so normal, I could relate to them.  I had found my people."

     -- Kaitlyn M.